Are you going to the Jazz Festival at Old Fort Harrod State Park? Stop by the Gathering Place tonight or tomorrow for a meal of walking tacos and water for $5.00 and parking for $4.00. All proceeds will go to UMCOR for Hurricane Relief.
The July Steeple is here
At any new beginning there are questions. Questions like; where are we going?, how did we get here?, what does the future hold?, will this work?, where is God in all of this? Who are you and, what do we call you? As we begin our journey as Harrodsburg United Methodist, let me help you with some of the answers. First and the easiest to answer, what shall we call you?, I have been called many things; I prefer to be called “Pastor Trish”. Who am I? I shared a good bit of my biography with you Sunday (June 25) during worship, so I will not repeat it here. I am your new pastor, a wife, mom, siste... more
Our first Sunday at Harrodsburg UMC began June 24, 2012 and our last Sunday will be “Father’s Day,” June 18, 2017. These past five years have gone by incredibly fast. We were most grateful for Rev. Jack Brewer’s calming presence during the interim period. Thank you church family for your prayers and support during that time of transition. In giving thanks we are mindful of the many things you did for the church and parsonage. The SPPR Team and the Trustees worked hand in glove in improving both facilities. Many of you assisted both of these groups in facilitating the various work projects, be... more
This coming Sunday, April 30th at the 11a.m. service, an announcement will be made from the SPPR Chairperson. He will be announcing the new pastor and family who will be serving their appointment here at Harrodsburg UMC. The new pastor will preach his first message on June 25. I will speak more about our five years here at Harrodsburg UMC in June’s Steeple. Our last Sunday will be June 18, Father’s Day. As that time approaches, I would encourage you to prepare your hearts and minds for the new pastor and family. It is good to recall all of the remarkable things God has done for our church. Go... more