Theme: Change in Personnel

Kentucky Annual Conference
The Kentucky Annual Conference is pleased to announce that Bishop Leonard Fairley has been assigned as the new bishop of the Louisville Episcopal Area. The Louisville Episcopal Area is comprised of the Kentucky and Red Bird Annual Conferences.
Bishop Fairley has served the North Carolina Conference since 1984 and his most recent appointment was serving as the District Superintendent of the Capital District. The Capital District is the largest district in the North Carolina Annual Conference.
Bishop Fairley will follow Bishop Davis and will begin his duties September 1.
Triple Cross Arena and Cowboy Church
The New Church Development (NCD) team announced that Jennifer McDonald has been appointed to be the pastor of the Triple Cross Arena and Cowboy Church. The previous pastor, Andrew Gregg, has accepted an appointment in Portland, Oregon.
Jennifer is a certified candidate for ordained ministry as an elder in the Bighorn District of the Yellowstone Annual Conference (YAC). She is an M.Div. student at Asbury Theological Seminary. She plans on graduating in May, 2018.
Horses are both a hobby and professional interest. She owned three horses until coming to Asbury Seminary. She has a unique calling and with her background with horses, she is an excellent candidate as pastor.
Jennifer will be with us July 31 in worship and we look forward to welcoming her into our faith community.
Youth Director
Tim and Monnie Berger have served as our interim youth directors since December of last year. They have committed time, energy, and resources to help keep our current youth program alive and functioning. We as the church are indebted to them for their faithful service over these past months. The SPPR/Youth Council met Wednesday evening to interview Alex Mace for the second time. Several of our folk weren’t here the first time Alex and McKenzie came so this meeting was scheduled to give everyone an opportunity to meet them. Alex met with the youth from 6-7p.m. to lead in bible study. He and McKenzie met with the team to further discuss his aspirations and dreams for the youth program. There was great interaction among the folk with Alex and McKenzie. After all questions had been answered, we prayed for them and bid them God’s grace.
The team discussed pros and cons of each candidate and both had gifts and graces to bring to the table. It was really a difficult decision to make as to whom God would have to be our Youth Director. Paul Bosse, Chairperson of SPPR, called for a secret ballot to be cast with simple majority. The results of that casting would not be broken down by numbers but only as to whom received the majority. The results of that vote were in favor of Alex Mace. We concluded that meeting with prayer and thanked God for all who were involved in this difficult decision. Alex and McKenzie will start August 7, 2016.
Custodial Position
Dottie Jackson resigned from her duties the end of June and thus we were seeking someone to step into that role. Joe Hubbard said he would act as interim custodian until such time the SPPR found someone to take Dottie’s place.
Joe Hubbard and the Pridey family have applied for the position. The SPPR will be making a determination in the next week. Please be in prayer for the SPPR that God will give guidance and direction.
Those are the changes of personnel that have an impact on our conference, our district, our church, and our youth. Please pray for these changes and the people who will be giving guidance in all matters both big and small.
Pastor Hawkins