Growing in Faith Since 1841

Our community loves its history, and we're proud to have been a part of that heritage since 1841 and earlier!  In that time our church has witnessed many things, but the most significant witness is that the Lord has been with us through all the trying times in our lives.  Join us as we worship the timeless Lord and rejoice in his love.

In-Person Services

We will schedule in-person worship on September 27. Worship will begin at 11. Masks and social distancing will be required. Each service will last about 45 minutes. Each service will offer communion, as a sign and symbol of the togetherness in the Spirit of God we experience.

In addition to the sanctuary being configured for social distancing, we will set up the fellowship hall downstairs for use. Each of our tables are 6 feet in diameter, and so can function as an easy way to check social distance. Because we are indoors, masks are necessary to protect ourselves and our fellow congregants, we will have a live feed of the service on TV with audio, so that you can sit downstairs and be part of worship. Communion elements will be provided for those who want to worship downstairs.

We will also broadcast the service, using our FM transmitter, so that persons who want to come to church but who are concerned about the safety of being indoors can park around the building and receive a live audio broadcast of the service. Communion elements will be provided for persons outside. Outside, masks are not required but are recommended, especially for persons in the at-risk groups. Those outside may choose to sit in lawn chairs outside their cars—but social distancing should be maintained. If you intend to sit outside, bring along your radio so you can hear the service!

All of these plans are fluid, depending on the spread of the virus. At the end of September, we will evaluate our progress, consult with local officials and other authorities, and decide if we are ready for every week worship.


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