Growing in Faith Since 1841

Our community loves its history, and we're proud to have been a part of that heritage since 1841 and earlier!  In that time our church has witnessed many things, but the most significant witness is that the Lord has been with us through all the trying times in our lives.  Join us as we worship the timeless Lord and rejoice in his love.

In-Person Services Suspended

Because Mercer County has been red now for many days in a row—meaning we are at the highest level of contagion spread—your Lead Team unanimously decided to suspend in-person worship for the foreseeable future. As we look ahead, what we see are the potential for spikes continuing in mid-December (2 weeks after Thanksgiving) and then again around the first of 2021 (2 weeks after Christmas and New year’s events.) That, along with the continued unchecked spread of the virus here in Kentucky and around the nation (and indeed throughout much of the world) makes us unsure of the safety of in-person, indoor events. And even if one or both of the vaccines being touted right now turns out to become available, it will still be many months before enough vaccine is available to begin to cover the general population.

So, we will be monitoring the unfolding of the Coronavirus news. If there is an improvement in the numbers related to the spread of the virus, we will consider resuming in-person services every two weeks. But until further notice, our worship service offering will be online only.

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