September 2015


I was deeply touched by your message. My husband and I are starting discipleship ministry for integrity purposes!  It's not something taught on much. I have been in church my entire life but not until 5 years ago did I truly understand the new life in Christ that was being offered to me. Unfortunately I didn't look much different than the world. 
I am not sure how long we will be in town but if we are still here this coming Sunday, I will be returning and look forward to hearing what God has in store for us this week.  Your congregation was very friendly and welcoming to my daughter and I but most importantly I appreciate the truth you spoke. May God continue to bless you with His wisdom and courage!   

The above email was sent by Andrea Blake who visited with us August 23 in the 11am service.  God has been blessing us with visitors every Sunday and we follow up the next day by emailing and/or mailing our thanks for their visit.  Judy and Bill Sutter are our official greeters and part of their role is to welcome our guests, present them with a church mug and have them fill out a visitors card.  We just ran out of mugs so were ordering more to carry us through the year.  Thank you Bill and Judy for your excellent work. 
By now you have heard that our church is celebrating her 175th Anniversary on Dec. 6.  Bishop Davis will bring the message and other former district superintendents and former pastors will be sharing of their ministry here. 
Additionally, our Church, Parsonage and the Gathering Place will be on tour Dec. 5.  We  need volunteers to help us with the tours.  We especially need you who have knowledge of these three buildings.  We will have a sign up sheet starting in September for anyone interested in helping us with information and with guidance. 
The final work on the outside of the Parsonage has been completed.  Sue and I are most appreciative for your restoring the beauty and dignity of the Parsonage.  There are  some other issues on the inside that will be resolved before our Open House.  Thank you Trustees for being attentive to the needs of our church and parsonage. 
Our district is now called the Bluegrass District as voted on by the District Conference.  Paul Fryman is our new District Superintendent and he is excited about bringing prayer back into the district.  We will be learning more about that in our Charge Conferences.
So lets pray for all that God has done, is doing, and will continue to do in building His Kingdom.  Amen!