July 2016

Most pastors I have been acquainted with are highly competitive in all sport venues.  Most of them play a better game of golf than I and I learned to accept that fact.  One fact which is becoming more of a reality and harder to accept, is that I’m not as agile as I used to be.  My reaction time has slowed considerably and I find myself not moving as quickly as I should.
On Monday, June 20 around 8PM at Andersen Dean Softball Complex Field A, this pastor was pitching a softball to the opposing team.  I don’t know the gentleman who hit the ball but I do know he hit a line drive which hit me in the left knee.  The force of the hit bowled me over as I rolled in the red dust.  My competitiveness kicked into gear immediately as I got back on my feet, brushed myself off, and preceded back to the mound.   It did hurt but I wasn’t going to let the younger players know that their pastor was in pain.  Coach Caleb asked me if I wanted to quit to which I replied, “NO!”
I share this scenario with you because I have come to understand that there are certain limitations to folk as they mature.  Of course that means you accept those limitations as best you can, but you don’t have to give up the game.  I told Coach Caleb I would no longer be involved in a playing role but will be glad to coach first or third base.
The fact is, I enjoy being with young people and supporting them in their endeavors.  Our church has done a yeoman’s job of showing support for our young folk in all endeavors of their lives.  They are, after all, our future leaders.  The time and attention we have invested in them will hopefully remind them that they are loved and appreciated..
Our Staff Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC) has the task of finding our next youth director and has received several applications for the position.  The SPRC along with the Youth Council has met with our first applicant, Alex Mace.  Alex and his wife came the first Sunday in June and had an opportunity to meet the congregation as communion servers.  We are looking to July 6th for our next interview with Adrian Morgan. 
The SPRC, Youth Council, and Pastor would covet your prayers in selecting the right person to be the next Youth Director.  We will inform you as we are making a determination of who that person will be.
Pastor Hawkins