May 2017

This coming Sunday, April 30th at the 11a.m. service, an announcement will be made from the SPPR Chairperson. He will be announcing the new pastor and family who will be serving their appointment here at Harrodsburg UMC. The new pastor will preach his first message on June 25.
I will speak more about our five years here at Harrodsburg UMC in June’s Steeple. Our last Sunday will be June 18, Father’s Day. As that time approaches, I would encourage you to prepare your hearts and minds for the new pastor and family. It is good to recall all of the remarkable things God has done for our church. God will continue to do remarkable things because you put your confidence and trust in him.
Please continue your dedication and commitment in being disciples of Jesus Christ. Please pray for the new pastor and family and they make their transition here. I have shared with them that you are a caring, compassionate people and will support kingdom work with him.
Blessings, Pastor Hawkins
Date: May 21, 3PM – Bluegrass District Conference at Lawrenceburg UMC